Old Anniesland

HEAD COACH: Kenny Brown


CAPTAIN: Paul Henderson


Glasgow High Kelvinside, known as GHK, is based at Old Anniesland. They currently play in NL1.

GHK was formed in 1982 by the merger of Kelvinside Academy and High School of Glasgow clubs.

When professionalism was finally allowed in 1995, Scotland took a while to adapt. Four Glasgow clubs considered a merger – they were Glasgow High-Kelvinside, Glasgow Academicals and West of Scotland. Taking an initial letter each from High, Academicals, West and Kelvinside it was proposed the new side would be called Glasgow Hawks.

The Milngavie-based club, West of Scotland, pulled out of the planned merger. Nevertheless, Glasgow Academicals and Glasgow High Kelvinside did merge in 1997. The name Hawks was kept for the merged team.

The merger of the two sides was not without its detractors and a few on each side of the GHK – Academical fence were concerned about losing their history in the new side. Glasgow Academicals continued as a league side the following year in 1998 but they had to start again at the bottom rung of the league structure.

Following the Academicals example of starting again, Glasgow High Kelvinside also started again in the bottom rung of the league structure.

The club won promotion to NL3 after winning all 18 league matches in the 2014–15 season. It followed that up by winning the NL3 title in the 2015–16 season and gaining promotion to NL2 in the 2016–17 season. 

In 2020 former Scotland international Peter Wright was named as head coach. In the 2021/2022 season, they won promotion to NL1.


2 Sep 2023 Biggar (H) W 32-31

9 Sep 2032 Melrose (A) L 7-68

16 Sep 2023 Gala (H) W 31-26

23 Sep 2023 Highland (A) L 21-50

29 Sep 2023 Glas Accies (H) L 5-69

7 Oct 2023 Dundee (A) L 16-24

14 Oct 2023 Watsonians (H) D 40-40

21 Oct 2023 GHA (A) L 14-41

28 Oct 2023 Ayr (H) L 7-50

4 Nov 2023 Biggar (A) L 8-55

11 Nov 2023 Melrose (H) L 17-32

18 Nov 2023 Gala (A) L 12-56

9 Dec 2023 Dundee (H) W 15-8

16 Dec 2023 Ayr (A) L 23-26

13 Jan 2024 Highland (H) L 23-26

26 Jan 2024 GHA (H) L 25-30

17 Feb 2024 Glas Accies (A) L 12-31

2 Mar 2024 Watsonians (H) L 19-57